All Creatures Great and Small

Baroque Music Inspired by the Sounds of Nature

  • SATURDAY MAY 21, 2022
  • 7:30 p.m.
  • St. Thomas’s Anglican Church, 383 Huron St., Toronto
  • Marco Cera, oboe;
  • Cristina Zacharias, violin;
  • Alison Melville, flutes;
  • Kerri McGonigle, cello;
  • Christopher Bagan, harpsichord.


“In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was fashionable for musicians to contemplate the origins of music. An entire scholarly field known as “speculative music” developed the idea that human music emerged out of nature, seeing music in cosmic terms, and the cosmos in musical terms. The voice of animals, the whistling of the winds, the fall of waters, not to mention the melody of birds, all contained in them the rudiments of harmony. Nature offered a pure, sublime, perfect and well-organized source of inspiration for the ears of human composers… With the many tunes, notes, chirps, noises and colours that you’ll experience tonight we hope to give you a meditative experience on how nature and art are connected. An opportunity to reflect on the life of the many creatures that keep us company with their music, every day. Sometimes we forget that we just have to listen to them.” Marco Cera [who is also the creator of the painting above]

For tickets: and at the door as available.

Suggested admission is $25, but if you can’t manage that please pay whatever you can – everyone is welcome. If you can afford more, thank you! Your generosity helps us to continue presenting concerts. North Wind Concerts will provide tax receipts to anyone paying $10 or more above the suggested admission fee.

We will maintain 50% seating capacity in St. Thomas’s, for the sake of physical distancing. Proof of vaccination required. This show is also being presented at the Columbus Centre (901 Lawrence Ave., Toronto) on Friday May 20 at 7:30. Contact them at 416-789-7011.